The Importance of Learning 2D Shapes

Jun 13, 2020 | Classroom, For Teachers

From an early age, students are noticing and experimenting with different shapes. Exploring 2D shapes in the classroom builds upon mathematical knowledge.


Learning to read and write is much easier for students who have been given the time to explore 2D shapes.

Understanding shapes and lines makes them better equipped to notice the differences in shapes of letters.

This helps not only with reading but also with writing.



Understanding the main properties of 2D shapes helps students read and write numbers too.

Number recognition is an important skill for early learners to know as this leads into more complex concepts such as addition and subtraction.

Geometry concepts will be a much easier concept to learn if a student has had experience with 2D shapes.



2D Shape lessons and activities can assist early learners develop problem-solving skills.

Placing shapes into toys and puzzles into the correct space gives students the opportunity to recognise the characteristics of a shape, and can match it with the shape on the toy or in the puzzle.


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