1:1 In-Home Tutoring by Classroom Teachers


Prep to Year 10


Maths and English

Providing High Quality, Customised Tutoring


1:1 In-Home Tutoring by Classroom Teachers


Prep to Year 10


Maths and English

Extra support through to extension assistance

Homework, assignment and test prep support

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Early Years

  • Prep / Foundation / Years 1, 2
  • Pre-writing, reading and numeracy foundational skills
  • Building the foundations for sound and letter recognition, phonological awareness
  • Beginner writing, spelling, comprehension and reading skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills for pencil grip and handwriting
  • Consistent practising to build upon skills each week
  • Homework helpers to assist with homework tasks
  • Reading is a huge part of the curriculum in the early years, more practising of these skills will create a strong and confident reader

Prep to year 10

  • Maths and English support and extension for Prep to Year 10
  • We cover all areas of weaknesses or strengths
  • Consolidation of the basic concepts and skills through to extension work
  • Homework helpers to understand and complete weekly set homework tasks
  • Assignment and project support
  • Understanding and assisting with school assignments
  • Identifying and managing gaps in learning
  • Preparing for standardised testing such as Naplan and classroom assessments

Organising, planning, study skills

  • Establishing routines and consistent daily habits to set a student up for learning success
  • Skills to prepare for testing
  • Effective listening and presentation skills
  • Management of time and organisational habits
  • Extending thinking skills
  • Study strategies to be a responsible and independent student
  • How to be safe online and reinforce the importance of staying safe in an online digital world

Growth Mindset

  • Buidling confidence and self-esteem to learn
  • Fostering resilience, and self awareness
  • Building resilience with a can-do attitude
  • Meditation, calming and stress reducing exercises to calm the mind and body

We take out the testing and bring back the teaching


We don’t believe in further assessing a child formally through white paper and more testing as soon as the student meets us. Through years teaching in the classroom and experience talking with children and their parents, hearing those words, test or assessment is enough to have the anxiety and cortisol levels to rise for anyone! We all know when we feel uncomfortable, anxious and stressed our pathways to learn are shut down. We panic, we can’t think.


Lizard Learning Tutoring is all about creating trust at the start, forming a solid foundation of connection between tutor and student. We get to know the student’s likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests and we integrate and build this knowledge into their lessons and activities. We are always assessing and monitoring, as we are engaging and forming that learning relationship.

This method fosters a deeper connection between the tutor and student therefore creating better results much faster.


Nobody knows their child more than a parent. We always talk with the parents/guardians beforehand to discuss the learning needs of their child. Our experience in teaching and tutoring allows us to see where the student is and we take the learning from there.

We listen to our families and our students and work together to achieve results in the areas they know they need our help to keep moving forwards in their learning.

We are happy to talk to the class teacher too. Many of our tutors are school teachers so we completely understand teacher talk, which will greatly benefit the whole tutoring experience to gain results quickly.

Consistency is the key to success!

Regular and consistent learning support such as 1:1 tutoring quickly reduces learning gaps before they become an issue.  This is why we offer a range of tutoring packages to suit any family budget.

No contracts to sign or long term commitment.

Pay upfront and receive big discounts or pay as you go for flexible learning.

Use sessions as required to fit into your weekly schedule.  For full terms and conditions of our tutoring program, click here

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Why us?

Our mission is to provide the time, individual attention and care students deserve to be happy, confident and successful learners.  We know that every child is a unique individual. They learn at different rates and in different ways. We believe that one-on-one tutoring is the best way to customise teaching to suit the needs of our students.

We are well known in education with many classroom teachers using our resources and programs. We have strong, established relationships in schools. We offer loads of information and value to parents / guardians through our Lizard Learning Club, Youtube channel and educational blog. We are here with you for the long term and truly care about your child’s emotional and academic success.

Our Back Story

We are an established Brisbane based educational publishing house founded by Cindy Holmberg-Smith, a passionate school teacher, author and a Brisbane mum who has written numerous quality literacy and numeracy educational workbooks, programs and lesson ideas for primary school students. These programs are used in schools throughout Australia today.

To continue to expand our mission to ensure we make learning fun, stress-free and engaging, we are spreading the learning love from Australian classrooms into Australian homes. We have established a tutoring network with dedicated tutors to connect in person with students and families to increase our assistance at home.

Our Commitment

Our sessions are fun to encourage the LOVE of learning and engaging to see results fast!

We create a happy, stress-free learning environment for confidence and trust in learning to GROW.

We take out the testing and NURTURE the learning.

We work on a child’s strengths to build confidence and self-esteem so they can see their true potential immediately.

The Tutor

We receive hundreds of applications.

Only the top tutors with a true passion for education with excellent knowledge in their subject area are chosen to join the Lizard Learning tutoring family.

We have a very strong culture of providing high quality customer service and value to our students and families.

Each tutor must have their Working with Children Blue Card.

The Session

We believe that every child is unique, who has very different requirements and learning needs. For this reason our one-on–one lessons are tailored to suit each individual. Lessons are conducted in the comfort of your home or at a convenient place arranged between parents and the tutor such as a library if required.

Getting started

Give us a call or email to organise a time to chat about your child’s tutoring needs.  We’d love to see how we can assist your child reach their full potential.

Give your child a great start!

We need to give our children the leading edge and the kick-start to their educational future.

Elite athletes and teams hire coaches to guide, instruct and support them to achieve their very best.

Our children’s educational needs require a consistent coach too in the form of a passionate Lizard learning tutor who can lead your little champion to victory and win their very own trophy of success, however that may look in their eyes.

Call us today for a chat and let’s see your little champion succeed!

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