Some of us struggle with prepositions even at the best of times, and it gets a thousand times more difficult when you’re first learning what prepositions are. But as with everything, practise makes perfect. This worksheet attempts to make learning prepositions easier by providing students with visual representations to match with the words. Prepositions are such an integral part of developing complex sentences, so it is vital that children know how to correctly identify and use them.

  1. Once the students have completed the worksheet they could reinforce what they have learnt by writing sentences using each of the prepositions. To make it into more of a challenge you could have them write a short story that uses all of the prepositions. They could even add illustration to their story for each preposition used to show that they truly understand.
  2. Create a Folding Story as a class. Have each student write a line, fold over the page, and start the next person’s line with a preposition that will continue the story. For example: Jimmy went to school (fold) in …. (pass to the next student) Atlantis because he lived (fold) below … And then continue until every student has had a turn.
  3. Once students have returned their sheets you could give them a test to see how many of the prepositions they can remember. There are also more prepositions that aren’t on our worksheet. See if your students can brainstorm some more. This will really help solidify the definition of a preposition in their mind.
  4. Make bingo cards for the prepositions. Read a story to the students, or get them to read one for themselves, and have them cross off any prepositions they come to. You could even give the first one to bingo a prize.
  5. If your students are learning another language, compare how prepositions work in the two languages. This would also provide an opportunity for any bilingual students in the class to share how prepositions work in their language.

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